Preparing For a CBT Test

Compulsory basic training is known in the United Kingdom as the CBT test and relates to operating a motorcycle on public roads. It is separate from other traffic licenses because two-wheeled vehicles are known to have special safety concerns. Standardized training is designed to keep the motorbike operator and other vehicle drivers safe, as these smaller objects are easier to overlook and hit.

Preparing For a CBT Test

The CBT test is divided into five parts that turn book learning into practical experience. It is important to know all the relevant information before the practical exam and be able to identify hazards quickly. Skilled instructors will help you to understand which hurdles to look for.

The practical exam takes a day to go through. The five parts are the eyesight check, on-site training, on-site riding, on-road training, and on-road riding. It pays to read all related material before taking the official test. It pays to memorize roadsign and to obtain practice on a closed course with a professional instructor.

The Introduction and Eyesight Check

The instructor goes over the reasons for having to obtain certification and then conduct an eyesight examination. You will learn what types of vehicles that the test qualifies a person to ride on British roads as well as the schedule for the day. Prior drivers licenses will be checked, and the applicant will learn the unique requirements of operating a motorized bike.

Going Through On-Sight Training and Riding

The instructors have the right to halt training if they feel the student does not have all the knowledge needed to start operating a two-wheeled vehicle. If the instructors are satisfied, the student will be allowed to mount a bike and start the engine. The first course will test basic maneuvers and starting and stopping. The first course will be a figure eight loop without simulated traffic.

Going Through On-Road Training and Riding

Only someone with good handling of a motorbike should be allowed to operate on public roads, even with an instructor. The training consists of classroom learning and is a review of the Highway Code, laws specific to bike riding, and proper road positioning and signaling. It pays to read beforehand, but a review is mandatory.

Riding on the road is the most exciting and demanding part of the test. The test includes two-way radios so the instructor can communicate properly with the rider. This is an exam and is not about having fun. For a period of two hours, the instructor will take the student around town and both closely monitor the student and give many orders. The instructor has the right to subjectively pass or fail the student.

Understanding the components of the CBT test will help a British motorcycle enthusiast prepare for the exam. It always pays to learn as much as possible beforehand, and call the London Motorcycle Training office to schedule your CBT when you are ready.